FAQ’s About Sponsorship

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Building Relationships   

Since 1971, Food for the Hungry (FH) has helped communities, by the power and grace of God, to achieve sustainable, lasting transformation. FH is a Christian international relief and development organization that embraces a personal and biblical response to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the poor around the world.  Every day, this vision is carried out by local staff who build relationships with children and their families in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Strengthening Communities
Staff walk alongside families, churches, and leaders to overcome poverty.  As a result, communities are strengthened and equipped to care for their children as God intended.  Our programs include health and nutrition, livelihoods (economic development within the community), education and disaster risk reduction. While the vision is to address the physical and spiritual needs of the entire community, we measure success by the improvement seen in the lives of the most vulnerable people in the community – the children.

Commitment to Children
Food for the Hungry is committed to investing in the next generation.  Every child is made in the image of God with a unique purpose and value.  Food for the Hungry equips parents, churches and leaders in their God-given roles so that they can nurture and provide for their children in all aspects of their lives—physical, spiritual, social and intellectual.

Your Caring Response Matters
As a sponsor, your monthly gift and caring response can help a child, and the child’s community, to break free from the cycle of poverty.  Your sponsorship enables Food for the Hungry staff to build a relationship with your child and his family, and to share God’s love with them. You and your sponsored child can personally connect by praying for each other and sharing letters and pictures.

Does my money go directly to my child’s family?
Our mission is to develop families and communities so that they will work together to advance toward their God-given potential. As such, your donations are never given directly to your sponsored child or their family. This would promote an unhealthy dependency and we could not assure you that your money is being put to good use. Rather, our field staff manages your contributions to produce our Child-Focused Community Transformation Program, which equips the community to care for children.

Your sponsored child and his/her family receive the benefits the program offers through your support – all toward the goal of bringing about transformation in their lives and in the community.

What about financial accountability?
We exceed the standards of several watchdog groups, including the National Charities Information Bureau, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Accord and others. Food for the Hungry also consistently receives high ratings from charity evaluators such as Charity Navigator.

Our annual report is available at: FH Annual Report

Online Sponsorship
When someone chooses to sponsor a child online,  Food for the Hungry will send him/her a Welcome Kit within two weeks through the mail.  Individuals may visit our website and sponsor a child from their global community partner. If your church is not listed please ask your Team Leader to contact us to set up a sponsorship link for your church.
Visit Sponsor A Child Where Your Team Serves to learn more.

Child Sponsorship Packets
Here’s what you need to know when you share Food for the Hungry child sponsorship with your friends and family:

  • Each packet contains a child sponsorship registration form.  Ask the individual signing up to fill out the document completely; including their name, mailing address, and e-mail.  Be sure to make sure that they indicate their chosen method of payment.  If EFT is chosen, paper clip the voided check to the form and seal it in an envelope.
  • After your event, mail the child sponsorship registration form and payment to:

Food for the Hungry

Attn: Child Sponsorship

1224 E Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Please send in the registration forms immediately.

  • New sponsors will receive a Welcome Kit in the mail within two weeks from the date we receive their information. If they have questions during that time, they are welcome to contact our Child Sponsorship department at 1-800-248-6437.
  • Child sponsorship is $38 per month.
  • The following methods of payment are accepted.

Option 1: Automatic Credit or Debit.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Option 2: Electronic Funds Transfer.

Sign under Option 2 and include a voided check (not deposit slip).
NOTE: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is Food for the Hungry’s preferred method of payment.  If an individual asks to pay by check, please explain that EFT is similar to writing a check, but reduces Food for the Hungry’s administrative costs a great deal.  Ask the individual if you may “void” the personal check and sign him/her up for EFT instead.  EFT payments are withdrawn from the individual’s bank account in the same way that a check would be withdrawn; however, the payments are made automatically each month. The individual can cancel this method of payment, or change to a different form of payment, at any time in the future by calling Food for the Hungry’s Donor Services department at 1-800-248-6437.

  • If someone prefers not to sponsor a child but wishes to give, we also accept general donations. Include a note attached to the check indicating that it is a general donation. If the check does not include the donor’s address and telephone number, include this information on the note for our accounting purposes.