Sample Presentation Outlines

0-60 seconds: If you only have a few moments to share about child sponsorship, speak from your heart. Here are a few possible elements to include in your own words:

» Many children are struggling in poverty.  We can help change their world.

» I love the thought of my efforts helping children physically, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.

» I want to bring hope to a generation of children struggling in poverty.

» Join me in sponsoring a child today.

5-10 Minutes:

» 1 minute: Welcome and introduction.

Introduce yourself, thank people for listening, and provide a broad overview of Food for the Hungry.

For example, “Hello, my name is Jane.  Thank you for coming today.  I am excited to have this opportunity to share with you about the ministry of Food for the Hungry.  Food for the Hungry is an international relief and development organization that works in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.  They are dedicated to equipping communities to care for children.”

» 1 minute: Sharing the cause.

For example, “In many communities around the world, daily life is very difficult. Many lose hope.

Children often struggle because they are unable to access the basic necessities of clean water and nutritious food.”

» 2 1/2 minutes: Share a story of the hope.

Stories can be found at:

» 1 minute: Conclude your presentation.

For example, “By partnering with Food for the Hungry, you can bring hope to children, families and communities impacted by poverty.  Through child sponsorship, communities are equipped to care for their children. Please join me in making a difference.  Please sponsor a child today.”

20-50 minutes: During a longer presentation, you will have more time to utilize additional resources and a variety of teaching methods.  To keep your audience’s attention, focus your time around group activities and encourage audience participation.  Food for the Hungry offers a curriculum entitled Poverty Unlocked.  To dowload the cirriculm for free, visit:

» 2 minutes: Welcome and introduction.

Introduce yourself, thank people for listening, and provide a broad overview of Food for the Hungry.

» 3 minutes: Describe poverty and the realities of life in a developing country or community

» 15 minutes: Break into groups of 2-3. Use exercises from Food for the Hungry’s Poverty Unlocked Curriculum to help the group think about the realities of living in poverty:

» 5-10 minutes: Show a video that portrays how Food for the Hungry is making a difference.

» 5 minutes: Share your own story of a firsthand experience with the poor or why you are


» 2 minutes: Conclude your presentation by specifically asking your audience to sponsor a child.

» 5 minutes: Ask the group if they have questions that they would like you to answer.

» 10 minutes: Leave time for individuals to speak with you after your presentation.  Usually, this is when people will make the decision to sponsor a child.