Sponsorship Basics for Team Members

As you may know, Child Sponsorship is an integral part of our organization. Through this ministry, FH is able to reach out to entire communities by providing education, medical care, values training, and a chance to learn about the love of Jesus.

Often times, children are available for sponsorship right in the communities where your team will be serving. Prior to your team’s departure, your team will receive Child Sponsorship packets to promote to your church, family and friends. You will find that it is an opportunity for you to develop relationships with people in the community even before you leave.

Next Steps
1. Prayerfully set a goal for the number of children your team would like to promote to be sponsored. Teams are encouraged to find sponsors for a minimum of 50 children before a visit to the field.

2. Promote the children waiting to be sponsored during team fundraising activities, or during church presentations before or after your trip.

2.  Ask individuals to fill out the registration card inside of the packet and return the envelope provided to you. Your team can collect the registration cards and send them into FH to activate the sponsorships before the expiration date.

Teams have found success in not sending the packet home with a potential sponsor until they have completed and returned the registration card.

3.  Follow up with potential sponsors who took a packet but did not give you the registration card to encourage them to send in their information.

4.  Team members, if you sponsor a child before your trip, please let your Team Leader know at least one month in advance. We will do our best to arrange for you to meet your sponsored child.

5. Share your team’s web sponsorship link on Facebook and other social networks. This is a great way to get the word out beyond your immediate community.