Training Manual


 We believe there is no better way to prepare the posture of your heart than to be purposeful in the training process. With that in mind, this manual was designed to help you prepare for your trip. In the pages of the team training manual, you’ll explore:

  • The people involved in your trip and discuss their various roles.
  • The culture of where your team will serve.
  • Definitions of poverty and discuss associated issues.
  • How Food for the Hungry seeks to address poverty through the use of appropriate relationships, ideas and resources.
  • Devotional content that your team can share together while on your trip.
**Printing Instructions: The training manual is designed to be printed as a “Booklet.”  After downloading the manual and selecting “Print,” choose “Booklet” under “Page Sizing and Handling.”
Team Training Manual Book
The Team Training Manual is also available in a soft-cover book format.  The content (including page numbers) is identical to the PDF available above.