Lesson Plans

As a team leader, you’ll be responsible for guiding your team members through the FH team training manual. We recommend that you schedule five pre-trip training sessions to discuss the following lessons.

One to two weeks before each session, remind your team members to read the session of the training manual you will be covering. In your training session, discuss the questions in the lesson plans below.

Session 1: Becoming a Team – Lesson Plan

Session 2: Serving Cross Culturally – Lesson Plan

Session 3: Understanding Poverty – Lesson Plan

Session 4: Embracing Relationships and Tapping Ideas & Resources – Lesson Plan

Session 5: Making an Impact – Lesson Plan

Session 6: Going Home – Lesson Plan

Please explore this entire website so that you’re able to connect your team members with all of the materials, including on-field devotionals, a debriefing questions, and bonus resources.