Session 3: Understanding Poverty – Lesson Plan

The following sections were designed for use with Session 3 of the FH Team Training Manual.

For Further Thought…

1. List various forms of poverty that can be seen in our world today – broken families, addiction, abuse. Which of the four categories can they be placed into?

2. Think about the life of Christ. In what ways does His life show that He came to reach out to the poor and brokenhearted? How did He identify with them?

3. In thinking about poverty, beyond the absence of physical wealth, identify an area of poverty in your own life. How is God working to restore that area?

4.  What has been and is being reconciled in your life?

  • Your relationship with God?
  • Your relationship with others? Who?
  • Your relationship with creation? In what way?
  • Your understanding of your true identity, value and purpose?

5. Think of a specific way you can be God’s ambassador to the poor.

Going Deeper

1.  Read Walking with the Poor by Bryant Myers. In it Myers explores Christian views of poverty, its causes, and how it is experienced differently in different cultures.

2.  Download the Poverty Unlocked four-week curriculum.

3.  Listen online to the Theology of Poverty series from the Poverty Unlocked podcast.

4.  Listen to the Tim Keller sermon, “Blessed are the Poor.”

5. Read and consider Brett’s Story (online exclusive: information not included in print versions of the Short-term Teams Manual).