Chapter 5: Making an Impact – Lesson Plan

The following sections were designed for use with Session 5 of the FH Team Training Manual.

For Further Thought…

1. One common problem in many developing communities around the world is the lack of access to education.  Many communities don’t have a school building, making it difficult for children to complete elementary school. After a quick assessment, you might say, “Well, we should build more schools and hire more teachers.”

In small groups, answer the following questions in response to the above scenario.

  • How do we know what the community truly needs?
  • What could go wrong with making the above assumption?
  • What are some other reasons that a community might not be placing an emphasis on education, besides the lack of a school building and teachers?
  • What role does worldview play in the value that parents and community leaders place on education?

2. In light of this discussion about relationships, how would you respond to the following question: “Wouldn’t it be better just to give money rather than spend all this money on traveling over there?”

3. In examining your own community, how could building healthy relationships contribute toward ending all forms of poverty in your own backyard?

Going Deeper

1. Read “Healthy Ways to Communicate.”

2. Read “The Best Big Sister in the Whole Wide World” if you didn’t take time to do so in Session 4 (online exclusive: information not included in print versions of the Short-term Teams Manual).