Daily Debrief Questions

The questions below are also available on page 38 of the FH Team Training Manual.


The following are a few suggestions of things to think about during your daily debriefing time. These questions will allow you a glimpse into what your fellow team members experienced during the day, what God is teaching them, or something they are learning about the host country or culture.

Read a devotional from Sharing God’s Heart for the Poor by Amy Sherman (included in this booklet) or another devotional.

Choose one or two questions from the list below:

  • Today’s highlight / lowlight was…
  • Today, I can praise God for …
  • The funniest thing I saw today was….
  • If I had to describe today in one word it would be….
  • Something I saw today that I have never seen before is….
  • The hardest part about today was….
  • One story about today that I’ll want to tell people back home is….
  • One reason why I am glad that I am serving on this team is….
  • One quality I really appreciate about another team member is….
  • One characteristic of God that I experience today in a great way is….
  • After today’s experience, one characteristic that I need to work on is….
  • The sound I will most remember hearing from today is….

Focus on the Culture

  • What are your initial feelings: frustration, joy, anger, sadness, guilt, etc.?
  • What has fascinated you here?
  • What breaks your heart?
  • If you could make one change what would it be?
  • What are you most thankful for in your own culture?

Focus on your Response

  • How is the trip comparing with your expectations?
  • What are you finding awkward or difficult?
  • What has been your favorite part of your experience so far?
  • What are some similarities between American culture and culture here?
  • What have you learned from the people you have talked to about what their lives are like?
  • Is there anything that has moved you?
  • Have you heard anything that has surprised you?

Mid-trip Check-up

  • What are some things that God has shown you during the week?
  • How was your time here different from the expectations you may have had?
  • What have you experienced here so far that has given you a different perspective?
  • What do you appreciate the most about your time here?

Focus on Application and Re-entry

Discuss the following questions in the final days before you return home.

  • When you return to your church, someone may ask you how your time on the field was.
  • If you only had 1 minute (and this will probably be the case) how would you answer?
  • What are 1 or 2 things God has shown you this week through your time here?
  • What part of your time here most impacted you and why?
  • What have you experienced here that has given you a different perspective?
  • What was the greatest challenge or the hardest part of being here?
  • What did you appreciate most about your time here?
  • What will you say when people congratulate you for giving it all up to serve “those poor wretches” in another country?
  • What was the greatest challenge to being here?
  • What is going to be the most difficult part of your experience to explain to your friends and family?


  • What you have been given here is a gift.
  • Nobody else is going to fully understand your experience.
  • Don’t live in anger, guilt or frustration.
  • God doesn’t judge you for the culture you live in.  Be thankful and plan on how to be a good steward.
  • How will you take what you have learned to be an advocate for the vulnerable back home?