You’re going on a short-term team with Food for the Hungry (FH)! This manual will be a tool for you to prepare for your trip, as well as a resource on the field and after you return home.

We believe that there is no better way to prepare the posture of your heart than to be purposeful in the training process.  With that in mind, this manual was designed to help you prepare for your trip with intentionality.  In the following pages, you’ll explore:

  • The people involved in your trip and discuss their various roles.
  • The culture of where your team will serve.
  • Definitions of poverty and discuss associated issues.
  • How Food for the Hungry addresses poverty through the use of appropriate relationships, ideas and resources.

For your time on the field, we have provided devotionals addressing God’s heart for the poor. In the following pages, you’ll also find a discussion of end-to-end transformation—as you help the poor, they will also impact your life and the lives of those around you in a meaningful way.

Take Note

Throughout this manual you will see quotes from various FH field staff in response to a questionnaire about what they’d like you to know before you go. We highly value their input and encourage you to take note of their insights. You’ll also read stories of transformation from past team members. Food for the Hungry’s vision of teams is for you to serve for the short-term, but make a long-term impact. That long-term impact comes in a variety of forms—your own personal transformed life, advocacy for child sponsorship, prayer for the poor and so much more.  We hope these stories will spur you on after you return home.

As you work through this manual and the supporting materials, we encourage you to truly engage your heart and mind in the learning process. This manual contains numerous resources and various tools to help you prepare for what could be a life-changing experience. We pray that you are able to make every moment of your involvement count for the glory of God.

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