Krista’s Story

Food for the Hungry’s wholistic, sustainable and Christ-like approach to development motivated Krista to become an advocate for FH. A few years later, she signed up to be a part of a team.

Krista’s team visited an AIDS orphanage, and her heart was touched deeply as the children, though suffering with an incurable disease, praised God for the team’s visit. When she returned home, she knew she wanted to do something to help them. Krista partnered with her team member, Heidi, and they started a fundraiser that collected coins in donated empty medicine bottles to provide medicine for children living with HIV/AIDS. They labeled the bottles with statistics about HIV/AIDS to educate the donors, and met with churches to see if they would distribute the bottles in Bible study groups and after church. As the change came in, Krista would collect the bottles, roll the coins, cash them in at the bank and then write a check to FH – around $6,000 was raised.

God used Krista’s team experience to humble her as she witnessed the inexpressible joy of those living in physical poverty. Her heart became entwined with the people she met. Since returning home, she has been praying more, thanking God for His blessings in her life, spending money more wisely, stressing less about things that don’t really matter, and committing time and resources to getting kids sponsored.

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