Team Challenge

Before you go on a short-term trip, consider sponsoring a child. And when you return, take the TEAM CHALLENGE and get two of your friends or family to sponsor a child. Why? Because by sponsoring a child, you can help change the life of a child in need and the community in which he or she lives. How does this happen? Food for the Hungry works in partnership with churches, leaders and families – these are the people in the community who can help provide a loving, supportive and healthy environment for your sponsored child. Food for the Hungry equips and empowers them so they’ll be able to care for the children in the community.

Here is one team member’s story. This could be yours, too…

My journey with Food for the Hungry began when I returned home from India. After encountering extreme poverty in the lives of children firsthand, I came home and knew there was something I needed to do in response to what I had just seen.  When a friend invited me to become an advocate for child sponsorship through Food for the Hungry, I knew immediately this was what God wanted me to do.

As an advocate, one of my responsibilities was to find sponsors for children in desperate poverty. I was given six sponsorship packets, which I carried with me at all times. Those packets represented young boys and girls from all continents, and it was my job to connect them with people who could give them hope and love. With joy I prayed for the smiling little faces on the packets as I invited friends, family and coworkers to become their sponsors.  Fortunately, each one of them was found a loving sponsor, who was happy for the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child and their community.

The following year, I traveled to Uganda to meet my sponsored child for the first time. I was already passionate about child sponsorship. But meeting my sponsored child and seeing how Food for the Hungry was equipping communities to care for their children ignited my desire even more to persuade friends and family to sponsor children.

I believe in sponsorship, and I am constantly inviting my friends to invest in the life and future of a child in need. And now with Facebook and other social networking tools, it’s even easier to get the message out to even more people! Child sponsorship truly is a great opportunity to share the love of God to others and make a difference not only in the life of one child, but in families and communities as well.  What a great blessing to be a part of God’s vision to end physical and spiritual poverty around the world. By making a commitment to pray for my sponsored child and to give a monthly gift to support her needs, I am helping open opportunities for children to fulfill their dreams – and I am the one richer for it!

– Heidi

Talk to your team leader about child sponsorship.

Did you know that Food for the Hungry has a web page with children awaiting sponsorship especially for your team? Find your church or team on our list of short-term teams, then click to see waiting children who live in the area where your team serves!

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